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What may today bring...

Every morning as I am headed to the office I take time to reflect. I often ride in silence and think....yes think. I reflect on the previous day, the upcoming todo list, daily goals and ways to make changes for the better. I remember the first time that I rode in silence. It wasn't by choice but by default. I had a car that had no radio and I was forced to be alone with my thoughts. Before you ask me about playing music on my phone I will tell you that this was many years ago before iTunes and Pandora. I remember trying to avoid the process. I would sing to myself, and then I would roll down the window and listen to the cars and the wind. One day I just stopped avoiding my own thoughts. I then began to drive with a purpose of working through my issues that were plaguing me. At that time the it was my career. I drove for a week to and from work processing my thoughts. I was confused, sad, nervous, happy and accomplished. By the end of the week I had determined that I wanted to become a therapist. I was surprised but it was clear to me of where I was headed. From that day on I have my one-on-one time with my thoughts when I have problems I need to sort out. I now look to each day as a new challenge to conquer and looking forward to what the day may bring.  

#conquer #selftalk #coping

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