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Making Changes

Have you ever asked someone about when they knew they were ready to make a change? Some say they had a need for something new. Others say they their focus changed or things just no longer felt right. Well, we have made a change. Dansberry Counseling and Consultation Services, LLC has taken on a new name and face for our counseling services. Back to You Counseling is here! I am so excited to finally share this new direction of this practice. Back to You Counseling speaks to the services that we are providing. Many of us seeking counseling because we are not feeling like our former self, we are grieving our former self, or we are preparing for our future self. Back to You Counseling wants to assist you on your mental wellness journey of getting you back to the best you that you can be. Stay tuned for other new and exciting changes that are on the horizon. Let us know what you think.

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